Looking for a Leader with Integrity, Vision and Creativity

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I have recently posted about the challenges at the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia that have been reported in the media. (Rough Waters for the Independence Seaport Museum and Independence Maritime Museum and Politics in the News)

The American Association of Museums website has a posting for the vacant president’s position.

This is an opportunity for a proven leader to direct the Museum’s strategic growth, enliven its programs and exhibits, strengthen its financial resources, and increase its visibility and connection to the community it serves.

After a challenging period in its history, the Museum is moving ahead with resolve and optimism. The President will be charged with working closely with Board and staff to fulfill the Museum’s potential for innovative programming, excellence, and community leadership.

The search is being facilitated by Issacson, Miller.

Considering the recent history of the organization, this would be a very interesting and challenging opportunity. But please, only Level 5 leaders need apply!

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer reports that at least temporarily the museum has met their objective of giving the helm to a “leader with integrity, vision and creativity” not to mention considerable experience with the institution and in the community. Veteran skipper takes museum’s wheel. Its reported that Theodore Newbold, 77, will serve as acting president while the search is undertaken. He was previously president of the Philadelphia Maritime Museum (1983 – 1989) and former executive director of the Betsy Ross House.

Sounds like good news!

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