NY Times – Follow up on Global Warming and Battles over Water

windowslivewriternytimesfoll0wuponglobalwarmingandq-b697j0430849.jpg In a follow up to his Sunday’s NY Times article, Andrew C. Revkin wrote another interesting article in Tuesday April 3rd’s NY Times entitled The Climate Divide – Reports from 4 Fronts In the War of Warming. It includes a great multimedia presentation narrated by the author and some interesting graphics.

On Wednesday the battle over water comes home with a front page article entitled No Longer Waiting for Rain, An Arid West Takes Action – Battles Renewed Over Pipelines and Treaties written by Randall C. Archibold and Kirk Johnson. (Slideshow)

The scramble for water is driven by the realities of population growth, political pressure and the hard truth that the Colorado River, a 1,400-mile-long silver thread of snowmelt and a lifeline for more than 20 million people in seven states, is providing much less water than it had.

Everywhere in the West, along the Colorado and other rivers, as officials search for water to fill current and future needs, tempers are flaring among competing water users, old rivalries are hardening and some states are waging legal fights.

 The impacts of climate change will be disproportionately felt by those who can least afford to do anything about it; however, the entire globe will be effected to one degree or another. Sounds like its time to for some transcendent leadership

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