Final Countdown to 1,000 Days at Sea

About 4 years ago my friend Rick Scarano introduced me to Reid Stowe. This Saturday, April 21st after many years of careful planning Reid will sail out of New York Harbor for an epic voyage of 1,000 days at sea.

Reid likens this adventure to space travel and I think that is entirely appropriate. He’s had a few similar trips aboard his schooner Anne although none of this duration. The press release states:

“…Stowe and Ahmad will have lived on the sea for a period longer than anyone has before: continually traveling in a high-impact, isolated environment while extending the limits of human endurance to promote a global message of inspiration, perseverance and human ecological self sustenance.”

For some interesting pictures and posts about schooner Anne check out one of my favorite blogs tugster: a waterblog. (here, here, here and here

Also be sure to check out the 1,000 Days at Sea website and blog.

I look forward to following their adventure and wish Reid and Soanya fair winds and following seas.

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Peter A. Mello

Father, son. Lifelong mariner, student of leadership, photographer. Professional creative placemaker.

2 thoughts on “Final Countdown to 1,000 Days at Sea”

  1. Hi Bonnie,
    I know Rick and Karen from my ASTA days. If you ever came to one of our NYC events on the Adirondack and Pier 63 we may have met. Know tugster through his fantastic blog. Checked out yours and will be reading it regularly now. Sorry about the Leilani thing; just dumb luck!

  2. Hi there! I know Rick and Karen, I know Tugster, I know Reid & Soanya. Do I know you?

    This looks like a good site. I’m bummed that you beat me to the punch on the Leilani (what a sweet boat!) but I’m glad it led me over here. No time to really look right now, but I will be back!

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