Drama on the High Seas

Schooner Anne after 05 05 07 collision I previously posted about the 1000 Days at Sea Project that is currently being undertaken by Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmed on the Schooner Anne.

On Sunday, May 5, 2007, just 15 days into the adventure Schooner Anne was struck be a passing freighter in the middle of the night. Luckily for Reid and Soanya it was a glancing blow that did not threaten the integrity of the hull. Unfortunately it seems to have taken out the jib boom and forestays and made quite a mess of the rig.

The 1000 Days at Sea Project is doing a great job of using modern technology and new media tools to keep us informed. For an inside look at what transpired on Sunday night here are some very interesting audio recordings. The first is a recorded telephone call from the shore support team to the US Coast Guard reporting the incident.

The next is a radio transmission from the Schooner Anne during which Reid recounts what happened and how he intends to deal with it.

Without getting into the merits or sanity of this endeavour, it’s fascinating that modern technology gives us the opportunity to experience things from the safety of homes or offices. With 984 days remaining in the 1000 Days at Sea, it will be interesting to see how Reid, Soanya and Schooner Anne recover from this! Stay tuned!

Photo and audio from the 1000 Days at Sea website.

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