Book Review – Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die

If you are a sailor or dream about sailing, this is the book for you!

Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die – Sailing Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations is the third volume by author Chris Santella on some of our favorite pastimes. His first, Fifty Places to Flyfish Before You Die, was born from a personal passion. It was a great hit and soon spawned Fifty Places to Golf Before You Die which is a must-read and fun check list of some of the world’s most spectacular golf courses. His next logical subject was sailing.

A little over a year ago the author contacted me about being one of the “sailing experts” by virtue of my then job as the Executive Director of the American Sail Training Association. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to participate in this really fun and interesting project. For me identifying my favorite sailing spot was easy. Buzzards Bay is where I learned to sail as a youth and today I still live a literal stone throw away from this amazing body of water. My story is centered around my youth sail training experiences aboard Tabor Academy, the School by the Sea’s, schooner Tabor Boy.

Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die is a part coffee table book, part cruising guide. It features recommendations from some of the most famous names in sailing including Gary Jobson, J.J. Isler, Larry Pardey, Thomas Whidden, Jeff Johnstone, Onne Van Der Wal, Herb McCormick and many more.  It’s an incredible honor to be included in such a talented crew of contributors.

As the sailing season is now upon us, there is no better time to read a book like this. It’s the perfect size to carry aboard and read at anchor sipping a refreshment after a long satisfying day of sailing. It will give you a lot to dream about, so enjoy!

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