The 32nd America’s Cup Regatta – Video Podcast (Days 1 and 2)

Americas Cup 32 logo While I have never really been a yacht racer, I love watching the America’s Cup. Of course its sailing, but I think what really grabs me is the competition between the best sailors in the world using leading edge technology. I also enjoy the incredibly rich history and tradition that is such a big part of this international competition.

Traditionally the series has ended up pretty lopsided with sweeps each of the last 3 times and this has probably more to do with the competition between yacht designers than the sailors aboard.

After the Swiss won the first race of the 32nd Americas Cup and took a sizable lead on the first leg of the second race, the commentators all but wrote off Team New Zealand. But the Kiwis came back to level the score even though most experts feel Alinghi has the faster boat. The 3rd race is tomorrow and with the score is tied 1 – 1, we will hopefully have a real competition ahead of us.

Day 1 Video Recap

Day 2 Video Recap

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3 thoughts on “The 32nd America’s Cup Regatta – Video Podcast (Days 1 and 2)”

  1. Hi David;

    I was only able to locate an audio podcast on iTunes.

    I stumbled upon your Never Sea Land this weekend and enjoyed it. Fun and interesting. Keep up the great work.


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