Canadian Tall Ship Aground In British Columbia

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Earlier this week the Robertson II, one of Canada’s historic tall ships, experienced a significant casualty when she grounded on Mink Reef off Winter Cove near Saturna Island. Unfortunately, the situation does not sound very good.

The Bosun’s Mate website has been closely monitoring developments with updates and photos. The Robertson II has a rich history as a working schooner followed by service as the first sail training vessel owned and operated by S.A.L.T.S. (Sail and Life Training Society), Victoria, BC, Canada.

According to an update (07/07/07) by The Bosun’s Mate the Robertson II is privately owned by Atlantic and Pacific Fisheries of Victoria but has been used by Merchant Marine Sail and Steam International Society which has a mission “to preserve the spirit of our merchant marine heritage forever under both sail and power.”

It’s always sad to see a vessel founder and more so with one that has given thousands of young people positive life changing experiences over the years. The power of vessels like Robbie lies in the experiences, memories and dreams that they leave with people who sail them as well as with those who simply witness the majesty of a tall ship from shore. Look for some powerful stories to be told as the situation develops.

Update: Interesting OakBay News story July 6, 2007

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