Turning out to be a Tough Month for Canadian Tall Ships

Earlier this month the Canadian schooner Robertson II experienced a potentially career ending casualty and today it’s reported that a fire in the engine room aboard the sail training vessel Fair Jeanne caused her crew and trainees to be evacuated. There were several injuries reported including a broken leg and head injury, though owner Simon Fuller advises none appear to be serious. FairJeanne

Stories: Yahoo News / AP and Brookville Recorder and Times

Built in 1982, Fair Jeanne is a 110′ brigantine which has provided life changing educational and character building experiences for thousands of Canadian youth. She is own and operated by Bytown Brigantines, Inc.

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Using Old and New Media to Advance the Climate Change Cause

I love this World Wlidlife Fund billboard raising the awareness of the global warming issue. It’s also a pretty clever and thought provoking use of old media (billboard) and new media (YouTube).

Enjoy and pass it on to someone who might care.

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Another Sailing Adventure Departs New York Harbor

Schooner Anne departing NYC by Will Van Dorp - tugster.wordpress.com Seventy eight days ago, Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad set sail from NYC on the Schooner Anne for voyage of 1,000 days without touching land. I have to admit that I was originally a bit skeptical of this whole endeavor and especially so after they wandered into some naval war games and then survived a collision with a freighter; all in the first few weeks! This is all being chronicled in a blog called 1000 Days at Sea: The Mars Ocean Odyssey. My skepticism is now gone and each day I marvel at their resourcefulness. They are also wonderful teachers and I am grateful for that they have undertaken this adventure and are sharing it with us. (Above image from tugster)

Abora 3 in NYC Tomorrow another group of adventurers set sail from NYC. The Abora 3 is a reed boat that is embarking on an expedition reminiscent of those of Thor Heyerdahl from 50 years ago. While Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki and Ra expeditions involved reed vessels traveling downwind and with following seas on intercontinental voyages, the Abora 3 will be sailing at angles to the wind in an attempt to cross the Atlantic from NYC to Spain.

DW- World.de article: A Modern High Seas Adventure in a Reed Boat

Here is a video explaining the expedition:

What is it about New York, or more accurately New Jersey, that has made it the point of departure for these modern day adventurers?

Godspeed to these brave and adventurous souls!

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"The Heart of Sail Training"

TSYT brigs Today’s (Monday, July 9th) Portsmouth Herald has a great article by Susan Nolan about the power of sail training.

Captain Liam Keating, the skipper of the tall ship Prince William, one of 4 tall ships that visited Portsmouth, NH this weekend, tells a great story about how a young man’s life was changed by a sail training experience several years ago. Nolan writes:

When Keating joined the Prince William five years ago, a young man from Dublin named Paul was on one of his first voyages. Paul had scars on his body from cigarette burns and from being bitten by his alcoholic father, Keating said. But the voyage on the Prince William changed the young man’s life. In fact, it changed the lives of Paul’s entire family.

The Christmas after his summer voyage, Paul sent Keating a card. Continue reading "The Heart of Sail Training"