Roz Savage’s Pacific Adventure

Here is another exciting ocean adventure: this time on the Pacific. Roz Savage is rowing from California to Hawaii. Check out on her recent video report on

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I’ve recently posted about several other ocean adventures: Reid Stowe’s 1000 Days at Sea and the Abora 3 Project. Roz’s integration of new media in her project is very interesting. Check out her use of Google Earth where her position and blog postings also appear.

From Roz’s most recent post things don’t seem to be going all that well. But things didn’t go so well for the 1000 Days at Sea Project in first few weeks. Reid and Soanya sailed into navy war games in the North Atlantic and collided with a Maersk container ship sustaining significant damage to the vessel’s bowsprit. But they have adapted and persevered and the expedition continues. Their most recent post talks about how they continue to repair the vessel and rig four months after the collision. It’s an amazing story and quite an entertaining and educational read.

Back in February I posted about a NY Times article entitled “A Very Lonely Journey Across the Globe – Researchers Study Solo Sailing to Find How Humans Cope with Stress.” It’s definitely worth revisiting based on Roz’s current endeavor and our ability to share her experiences through her blog and videos. Should be interesting. Stay tuned!

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