Hey mom, that’s not the Black Pearl!

It’s interesting how the HMS Bounty just can’t seem to navigate herself out of storm clouds of controversy. First there was the unfortunate adult film high (seas) hijinks. (reported here and here). Now there seems to be a lot of disappointed Brits who thought they were visiting a Pirates of the Caribbean II and III movie star. (Well, they were but just not the one they thought.)

Today’s (August 30, 2007) The Mail reports Boy, 12, exposes touring Pirates of the Caribbean ship as a fake, the Times Online reports Black Pearl? This is not Jack Sparrow’s ship, boy tells pirates and The Sun reports Prats of the Caribbean rumbled. Not great PR!


The HMS Bounty organization reports that they never promoted the vessel as the Black Pearl and apologizes to disappointed Pirates fans for any misunderstanding. It appears that a European company may have used a little more “creative license” in promoting the ship’s tour than than was warranted.

It’s all too bad because the HMS Bounty has her own amazing story to tell from the original’s voyage around the world and historic mutiny, to this reproduction for the 1962 classic movie Mutiny on the Bounty starring Marlon Brando, to her participation in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, through her complete refit over the past few years, to her incredibly dedicated captain, Robin Walbridge, to her current world voyage; she has a lot of good sea stories to tell.

I hope Bounty navigates out of this dark cloud and into fair winds and following seas! Godspeed.

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6 thoughts on “Hey mom, that’s not the Black Pearl!”

  1. Ree: Interesting comment about the Perseus. Do you know whatever became of her sister ship Prince Louis? Just curious as I am familiar with both ships. Didn’t realize Perseus sank. Very sad. Prince Louis sank while docked in Marina del Rey in the 1970’s but was raised.

    1. I was 20 years old living on the Prince Louis at the time of its sinking in Marina Del Rey Harbor. I had just finished running the bilge pump, and it was not taking on excessive water. I had left to do laundry and when leaving the laundry mat I could see the mast was no longer straight. They were leaning to the starboard side. The men helping to inflate the garbage bags did an excellent job. If they would have rushed, the entire ship would have split wide open because of the pressure. A lot of respect went into raising the ship. I went along with a few others to navigate it to San Pedro with the Coast Guard Cutter close in case it sank. But He did not and stayed afloat for some time. It was a privilege to have spent time aboard such a beautiful piece of workmanship. That ship was all that and more. Can’t put into words the loss I felt. It took a piece of my soul with him and I cried as if it was a loved one. Because that’s how much you could feel from the Huge ship. No other like him. Sincerely, First Mate Brandi, I am now in my 60’s. and I still can remember how special that ship was, and I cried writing this.

  2. Thanks Ree.
    Not quite sure how that could be since the Pirates of the Caribbean “Black Pearl” movie was released in 2003 and presumably filmed in 2001-2002. Tell us a little more about your info. Thanks.

  3. Update: I found out the ship in the Black Pearl movie was ‘not’ the Bounty, but a ship called ‘Perseus’, that met her demise somewhere near Dana Point, CA in the middle of the 1980’s.

  4. This looks like that same ship that was used in the TV pilot movie called ‘The Log of the Black Pearl’ in 1975. It starred Kiel Martin, Ralph Bellamy and Anne Archer. I wonder if this is the same one. I’ve been trying to find out what that ship was that they used in that film and what it was really called and where it might be. This looks like it from the photo above. If anyone knows anything about that…please email me, Thanks.

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