"Very, very bad stuff" finally banned by EPA

hull bottom via tree hugger

Treehugger.com reports that the EPA has finally banned a substance that is considered one of the most toxic substances ever released into the world’s oceans.

Tributyltin, a type of biocide, is a cheap and powerful barnacle and algae killer that was once commonly used on most of the world’s commercial ships. It is typically mixed into the bottom coating for hulls, where it helps keep the ship clear of barnacles and other similar species. TBT is highly prized by sailboat racers and yachtsmen who use it to make their hulls move more easily through the water and by certain environmentalists, who argue it can help prevent the spread of invasive species from one port to another.

According to the post, every major US and European paint company stopped using the substance in 2001 and endorse the maritime treaty banning it. China and other developing maritime nations would seem to be the target here.

Lindy Johnson, a lawyer who works for NOAA, called it “very, very bad stuff.”

Good news for our Oceans!

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2 thoughts on “"Very, very bad stuff" finally banned by EPA”

  1. You will be happy to learn that Panama did ratify the treaty on Monday, Sept 17 so the International treaty will enter into force on Sept 17, 2008. However, the US has not yet ratified the treaty so this is a big gap since ships coming to the US can still have TBT on the hull even though it can’t be applied.

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