Hawley F140 Racing Yacht (via Cool Hunting)


Trend spotting website Cool Hunting had an interesting post about a new sailing yacht yesterday.

The Hawley F140 Racing Yacht looks like a cross between a dolphin and stingray. With a smooth finish and rounded corners, it looks like it might easily roll over taking it’s crew with it. However, a hydraulically tilting keel acts as a counterbalance when cutting around corners. Taking inspiration from high-performance sports cars, it is built for flat-water speed and will easily go 20 knots. A self-draining cockpit and sloping deck from bow to stern help drainage keeping the boat light and balanced. The “bat wings” provide added surface area for the crew and helps to distribute weight while adding to the speedy styling.

A prototype at the moment, designer Andrew Hawley has plans to include a below deck cabin with bespoke electronics. Visit his website for more info and images.


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