Great News – I won an iPod Shuffle!

gCaptain logo In the off chance that Sea-Fever readers don’t already know, there is a great website called that has so much interesting and valuable information that it is destined to become the one stop shop for maritime news. One section of the website is called Discoverer which is a maritime version of Digg where you can “discover, share and vote” for your favorite stories.

In September is running a contest with valuable iPrizes. I was lucky to just edge out some other really great contributions for the 3rd place prize and I won an iPod Shuffle. The grand prize is an iPhone. Very cool!

My winning contribution was a Sea-Fever mash-up post about the recent training exercise conducted by Navy and Army dive teams on the sunken submarine (museum) in Providence RI. US Army and Navy rescuing sunken Russian submarine. If you haven’t read it, please do so and, of course, vote for it here. In fact, please read and vote for all of my stories (if you like them) because, as my two and four year olds would say, I really need an iPhone. ;-)

While can be very entertaining, there is no mistaking that is an incredibly powerful resource for professional mariners around the world. This is clearly demonstrated in the recent special Maritime Safety Edition of their newsletter that you can subscribe to here.

What I really love about this website is that it uses new media tools to distribute valuable information, knowledge and experience to members of an ancient profession. This is what the Internet does very effectively and in’s case, it could end up saving lives and property and protecting the environment.

Great work gCaptain, and oh yeah, thanks for the iPod!

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