The maritime adventures of Pete Brown and his barrel of beer

There is nothing more heart warming than a story about a man and his beer. Add a few ships into the plot and you have the making of a classic sea story.

Bark Europa

Today (September 16, 2007), Pete Brown, a British author whose books include Man Walks into a Pub: A Sociable History of Beer and Three Sheets to the Wind embarks on an epic journey with his traveling companion “Barry”, a four and a half gallon barrel of hand brewed India Pale Ale (IPA) by the White Shield Brewery from Burton-on-Trent, England. Pete and Barry intend to follow the colonial IPA route from the UK to Kolkata (Calcutta). If all goes well, the trip will take approximately 3 months.

Today they hop aboard a P.O. cruise ship bound for Tenerife where they will transfer to the Bark Europa, one of the world’s most well traveled and beautiful tall ships. They will get off Europa in Brazil where they will hop aboard the Caribbean, a container ship bound for Mumbai and there they will jump on a train for the final leg of the journey to Calcutta.

Pete has written about this project on Pete Brown’s blog in a post titled Pete’s Big Adventure, or, Can You Take Obsession With a Beer Style Too Far? He also intends to blog about their travel experiences. Pete’s book on this adventure will be out sometime in 2008.

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