David Byrne is a Pirate!

Byrne_Backwards_Lg David Byrne has always been one of my favorite artists. Musician, photographer, filmmaker and more, I find the breadth of his creativity inspiring.

He has new album entitled Grown Backwards which includes a song called Pirates. Strangely, you can listen to the full version of Pirates from this page until September 20th which is the day after International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Bonus: Here’s a link to a cool website from one of my all time favorite albums: David Byrne and Brian Eno’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (1981 original / 2006 remix).

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The maritime adventures of Pete Brown and his barrel of beer

There is nothing more heart warming than a story about a man and his beer. Add a few ships into the plot and you have the making of a classic sea story.

Bark Europa

Today (September 16, 2007), Pete Brown, a British author whose books include Man Walks into a Pub: A Sociable History of Beer and Three Sheets to the Wind embarks on an epic journey with his traveling companion “Barry”, a four and a half gallon barrel of hand brewed India Pale Ale (IPA) by the White Shield Brewery from Burton-on-Trent, England. Pete and Barry intend to follow the colonial IPA route from the UK to Kolkata (Calcutta). If all goes well, the trip will take approximately 3 months.

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Great News – I won an iPod Shuffle!

gCaptain logo In the off chance that Sea-Fever readers don’t already know, there is a great website called gCaptain.com that has so much interesting and valuable information that it is destined to become the one stop shop for maritime news. One section of the website is called Discoverer which is a maritime version of Digg where you can “discover, share and vote” for your favorite stories.

In September gCaptain.com is running a contest with valuable iPrizes. I was lucky to just edge out some other really great contributions for the 3rd place prize and I won an iPod Shuffle. The grand prize is an iPhone. Very cool! Continue reading Great News – I won an iPod Shuffle!

Not good news – 6 degrees Hotter

Green.tv is a great website that has some very interesting videos. Mark Lynas and Steven Holland created “6 degrees – Our Future on a Hotter Planet” While the images used are pretty, our future isn’t. Very sobering and powerful. Please watch it.

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Northwest Passage Beckons Sailors (Wall Street Journal)

Today’s Wall Street Journal (September 13, 2007) has a front page article written by Douglas Belkin entitled As Arctic Ice Melts, Northwest Passage Beckons Sailors. (subscription required) However, a video and cool (pardon the pun) interactive map which highlights a number of attempts over the years can be viewed freely.

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Hawley F140 Racing Yacht (via Cool Hunting)


Trend spotting website Cool Hunting had an interesting post about a new sailing yacht yesterday.

The Hawley F140 Racing Yacht looks like a cross between a dolphin and stingray. With a smooth finish and rounded corners, it looks like it might easily roll over taking it’s crew with it. However, a hydraulically tilting keel acts as a counterbalance when cutting around corners. Taking inspiration from high-performance sports cars, it is built for flat-water speed and will easily go 20 knots. A self-draining cockpit and sloping deck from bow to stern help drainage keeping the boat light and balanced. The “bat wings” provide added surface area for the crew and helps to distribute weight while adding to the speedy styling.

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Maritime Leadership Lessons on Monday Night Football

ESPN Monday Night Football One of my regular reads is the 800-ceo-read blog, which does great news and reviews on business books. Yesterday they were pleased to point out that a discussion ensued during Monday Night Football about a business book. (I missed it but it must not have been a very exciting game.)

But this wasn’t just any old business book; it was about Mike Abrashoff’s It’s Your Ship.

Here’s a reprint of the transcript from 800-ceo-read.com:

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Hard to Believe But Impossible to Forget

It was hard to believe what was unfolding six years ago this morning. In our modern media saturated world, it was presented to us in real time and then repeated over and over again like a horrific groundhog day. But as difficult as these images are, they are impossible to forget which is probably good because the events of those hours effectively defy words.

The New York maritime community responded to these attacks in heroic fashion which probably surprises no one who reads Sea-Fever. Here is a US Maritime Administration video entitled “Honoring the Living Heroes of the United States Merchant Marine.”

There is a small website called HarborHeroes.org that commemorates the maritime professionals, vessels and companies who responded that fateful day. On it there is a powerful piece by Andrew Greeley from the Chicago Suns Times of September 6, 2002 entitled Media ignored calm amid the 9/11 chaos. This short essay does a remarkable job in capturing the essence of leadership that exists in every individual and society’s ability to face an adaptive challenge of monumental proportions.

If you enjoyed this post and think other might too, please vote for it at gCaptain’s Discoverer maritime news website.

Crossposted at Sea-Fever blog and the Center for Leader Development blog.

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3d Tour of proposed Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center

Update (Sept 14, 2007 /Gloucester Daily Times):  $95,000 state grant helps Maritime Heritage Center expand

Cool 3d tour of the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center’s future.


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