An Open Offer to Tom Perkins

MalteseFalcon In case you missed it, here’s a link to the 60 Minutes segment on Tom Perkins, one of the most successful venture capitalists and owner of the largest, most technically advanced privately owned sailing yacht in the world, the Maltese Falcon. It is definitely worth watching if you have 13 minutes to spare.

Perkins and his superyacht are the subject of David A. Kaplan new book, Mine’s Bigger: Tom Perkins and the Making of the Greatest Sailing Machine Ever Built which I wrote about here.

In case you are in the market for a new home, here is a listing for Mr. Perkins’ beautiful estate in Belvedere, California. $20.5 million and it’s yours! This website also has a interesting profile of the man.

I found the 60 Minutes segment fascinating and entertaining. The only time that Mr. Perkins hedged in the interview (4:10) was when Lesley Stahl tried to get him to confirm the cost of the Maltese Falcon which has been estimated to be anywhere from $100 – $300 million. Perkins admits that he is “embarrassed” by the vessels price tag because “there’s the homeless, charity and lot’s of things you could do with that money that could improve the world.” Now that’s an understatement!

With 1/100th of the estimated price tag of Maltese Falcon, we could send thousands of youth to sea under sail for positive life changing sail training experiences and that could help change the world!

So in the off chance that Mr. Perkins ever stumbles upon this post, I’m standing by to help you deal with any embarrassment you may feel for owning the Maltese Falcon. Let’s help get more kids out to sea under sail and change the world in the process!

(photo from Wikipedia)

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