The 3 Dimensions of Cruise Ship Design

No higher than Verazanno Narrows Bridge in New York, no longer than the turning area in South Hampton, England and no wider than the Panama Canal. Those are the three key dimensions for any luxury cruise ship planning to circumnavigate the globe.

However, according to this National Geographic clip with Micky Arison, Chairman of Carnival Cruise Lines, they decided to break one of the rules to provide the luxury that passengers today expect. Watch to find out which rule and why!

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Peter A. Mello

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8 thoughts on “The 3 Dimensions of Cruise Ship Design”

  1. any ideas on the safety of those enormous floating wedding cakes called cruiseships? intuitively they appear topheavy. objectively they are flag of convenience. it must be said that cruise ship incidents seem relatively rare. … on a similar subject, great fictional treatment of factual problem of structural problems of bulkers in book called “Mettle,” by GF Michelsen or Michelson–published in the U.S.
    nice to see a good maritime blog

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I’m not a naval architect and don’t feel qualified to answer your question but let me dig up one of my friends who just might be able to help.

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog. :)

  2. Hi, that would be pretty cool on building your own cruise ship but i have been on a disney cruise and DISNEY CRUISE IS WAYYYYYYYYY BETTER people ok so next time you think of ever taking a cruise take disney cruise line because they have an entire floor devoted to kids and they have a spa and….. well you better look on to find out what else but i would rate disney as a 20 out of 5 ok. thank-you

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  4. Well if things keep melting, he might just take it through the Northwest Passage instead of going south. Now that would be something to experience while kicking back on your own private balcony.

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