Popular Mechanics Thinks Being a Merchant Marine Captain is Cool!

Popular Mechanics - Merchant Marine Captain - This is My Job - Dec 2007

Popular Mechanics magazine’s website has a cool multimedia feature called This Is My Job (sponsored by Caterpillar). The December 2007 issue profiles Captain Andy Merrill, master of Matson Navigation’s MV Manulani. Make sure you check out the cool multimedia graphic here and the great info about the ship on Matson’s website.

In October 2006, Oceanographer Eric Terrill, from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography was featured.

A few other cool non-maritime jobs profiled: Forest Service smoker jumper; US Army Sniper School instructor; National Severe Weather Center storm chaser; and surfboard designer.

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Peter A. Mello

Father, son. Lifelong mariner, student of leadership, photographer. Professional creative placemaker.

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