Sea-Fever Holiday Shopping Ideas

Only 13 days left until Christmas, is all of your shopping done yet? Do you have somebody on your list for which you need to find that extra special gift? Check out the 100th Anniversary Edition of Neiman Marcus’ The Christmas Book where you can buy that special loved one a NM-Edition Gem Triton 1000 submarine.

NeimanMarcus submarine

From the Neiman Marcus catalog:

ABS-certified, three-axis maneuverability. Dives to 1,000 feet. 360-degree views from your high-density acrylic bubble. Luxury leather seats with our logo. Joystick steering, with a gemstone set in the stick. Matching gemstone key chain. Air conditioning even. In this beauty, you’ll be outmaneuvering Captain Nemo in no time.

Your under-the-sea dream machine comes with a comprehensive two-day training program and delivery to your secluded cove anywhere in the U.S. Scratch a fender on a sunken chest? U.S. Submarines provides worldwide service and replacement parts.

Okay, it might set you back $1,440,000 but if you apply for a Neiman Marcus credit card, you’ll get a complimentary $25 gift card too! They are also currently offering free 3 day shipping and free gift wrapping. (Please send pictures if you end up ordering one, because I would love to see how to gift wrap a submarine just in case I order one in the future.)

Happy Holidays!

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