Popular Mechanics 25 Skills Every Man Should Know: #3 Rescue A Boater Who Has Capsized

Popular Mechanics Oct 2005 cover

The October issue of Popular Mechanics has an indispensable entitled 25 Skills Every Man Should Know. Skill 3# is Rescue a Boater Who Has Capsized.

TIP: “Don’t get into the water to get someone out. If you get into the water, you put yourself at risk for hypothermia or injury. You don’t want to become part of the recovery.” —Executive Petty Officer Patrick Blakeley, Coast Guard Air Station, San Diego, Calif.

Here are a few other important skills to know that have some maritime application:

#6 Back up a Trailer;

#12 Perform CPR;

#13 Fillet a Fish;

#23 Paddle a Canoe

And here are a few that manly men definitely need to know:

# 4 Frame a Wall;

#7 Build a Campfire

#19 Clean a Bolt Action Rifle;

#21 Hook up an HDTV.

Got any other suggestions to make their list next year?

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