It’s "Finest Kind" Miller Time!

Here’s a classic beer commercial from 1980 featuring the schooner Bill of Rights.

Thanks to my schooner Tabor Boy shipmate Captain Bob Glover who pointed me to the Bill of Rights Deadeye Society homepage where there’s some vintage schooner Bill of Rights photos, video and information. Bob’s maritime career was launched aboard the Bill of Rights many moons ago.

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4 thoughts on “It’s "Finest Kind" Miller Time!”

  1. U.S.Coast Guard Station Castle Hill, Newport Rhode Island rescued Bill of rights twice!
    1st. Patrol Boat 41321 summer 1980. Bill of Rights blew a mainsail in a storm off of Brenton reef, Newport, and was drifting backwards towards the shore. Took us a while to throw her a line, her bowsprit would plunge into the water.. Towed her to Newport Harbor.
    Crew Bm3 Timothy Donahue, Pawtucket RI. Mk3 Robert LeRoyer, Taunton MA. SN ? Muldoon NJ.
    2nd. Patrol Boat 44357. October 1980/81? She was tied to the dock at Fort Adams, Newport RI. Wind blowing her hard against the dock, threatening her shrouds. We threw a towline to her and towed her stern first into the harbor. After she anchored i told Tony, the seaman to cast off the towline.. He replied “It’s stuck!”…Turns out the towline was in a big knot on the tow bit.. they could hear me screaming at Tony as we where swung around like a toy attached to the stern, unable to get free.. Tony was a big black dude from the Bronx,, he was drunk and had a shit eating grin on his face,, I coulden’t really be mad at him and he promised never to do it again.. love that guy,, wish i know where he is now,,
    If anyone recall either rescue,, i would appreciate your stories and pics,,,
    Timothy Donahue
    AT1 US Coast Guard, Retired.

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