Peking: Then and Now

One of my favorite blogs, tugster: a waterblog has several great posts (here and here) about the current drydocking of the tall ship Peking of South Street Seaport fame. They include Will Van Dorp’s usual great photography including the interesting photo above.

Coincidently, below is a video about the Peking that I found on YouTube this morning. The subject of much of it is sail training pioneer Irving Johnson and, in fact, the majority of the footage was shot and narrated by Johnson. The host was the British polar explorer Duncan Carse and it appears to be part of an old BBC TV show.

If you have never seen this old footage of and by Johnson, watch because I promise you will be amazed.

NOTE (January 25, 2008): The below video is no longer available via YouTube due to a copyright claim by Mystic Seaport. The version that Mitchmiller123 posted on YouTube appeared to be different than Mystic version that I had previously watched although clearly the Irving Johnson footage and narration was the same. Seems a little short sighted to me. 

I previously posted about Irving Johnson here.

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9 thoughts on “Peking: Then and Now”

  1. Been on the Peking @ South Street. Saw the video in Belfast Maine, after I’d been on the ship. Kind of thrilling. Love old ships, from Mystic CT to Jamestown Va to the twins, in Boston & Baltimore – Simply because of it’s history, Constitution is prettier than it’s sister. Mariner’s museum in Newport News rates an A+, as well

  2. Good Evening
    I went to school on the Arethusa (ex Peking) from 59 to 62 when I joined the Royal Navy for 12 years. On completion of naval service I remained at sea until now working as a Hydrographer. Conditions onboard for the 240 boys were fairly awful but they prepared one for conditions in the navy at the time which were almost similar
    Regards Don Finlayson

  3. Thanks Guys!

    Ed, we need to get you and your scouts on an at sea under, sail experience.

    Will, look forward to your coverage of Peking’s return!

    Off to Bermuda tomorrow to launch an exciting new youth maritime ed and employment initiative!

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