The return of the (Pe)King

Will over at tugster has a great series of posts about his recent voyage on the Peking from the shipyard to her berth at South Street Seaport. Wonder how that passage was negotiated?

Clearly the most eloquent maritime blogger, tugster writes:

What thrilled me most was that Peking was alive again. I felt her pulse steady and heard some deep breaths.

(Above photo by Elizabeth via tugster.)

To celebrate the return of the Peking, here’s the second part of Irving Johnson’s amazing video Round the Horn on Peking. I posted the first part here. (Thanks to Mitchmiller123 on YouTube) If you watch nothing else, go to the 6:30 mark and check out Johnson’s climbing down the edge of the sail. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME! I also love the part where, looking down from the topmast, he declares , “we got sails!

NOTE (January 25, 2008): The below video is no longer available via YouTube due to a copyright claim by Mystic Seaport. The version that Mitchmiller123 posted on YouTube appeared to be different than Mystic version that I had previously watched although clearly the Irving Johnson footage and narration was the same. Seems a little short sighted to me. 

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2 thoughts on “The return of the (Pe)King”

  1. I have seen this so many times from my orientation cruise on Tabor Boy to every new group that came on Niagara but everytime I see it I’m still on the edge of my seat. When the age of commercial sail comes back I’ll be ready.

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