Massachusetts Maritime Academy Cruise – Online Adventures in Training at Sea

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The Cape Cod Times set up a fantastic section on their website that follows Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s 2008 Sea Term Cruise. Canal to Canal: Sail Cape Cod to Panama with MMA is a collection of news stories, slide shows, video tours of T.S. Enterprise, interactive graphics and much more.

The Cape Cod Times have sent reporter Hilary Russ and photographer Steve Heaslip whose great photo slideshows in themselves tell the story.

MMA Panama Canal

There are three blogs each offering a unique perspective on the experience. Captain Thomas L. “Tom” Bushy writes Sea Term 2008: Captains Blog which covers all of the things that you would expect a master of a training ship to be focused on. Cape Cod Times reporter Hilary Russ writes short posts in The Portal that present a outside the experience perspective of life at sea with cadets. Russ posts often get a decent volume of comments, many from parents of cadets thanking her for keeping them informed. Last but certainly not least, 4th class cadet Christiaan Conover writes MMA Sea Term 2008 blog from the perspective of a young person going to sea for the first time on a commercial ship. Christiaan also has a personal blog and is on Twitter and you can follow him here. These 3 primary bloggers are able to paint a pretty rich picture of life aboard the T.S. Enterprise.


The Cape Cod Times has also done a great job with several interactive graphics and by integrating video by using YouTube like this:

Maritime schools take note. The Cape Cod Times has created THE BEST recruiting brochure you could ever ask for. The combination of constantly updated pictures, video and written material will appeal to a wide range of audiences. They’ve done all of this with pretty simple and many free web 2.0 tools. Here content is clearly king. The only thing I wish they had included is an RSS feed for Canal to Canal: Sail Cape Cod to Panama with MMA which would make it easier to keep up with updates.

Finally, on a personal note a very good friend of mine, Mark Barry, has a son aboard the T.S. Enterprise and he recently left a comment after listening to Episode 6 of our podcast Messing About In Ships. I’m sure as a parent he appreciate what the Cape Cod Times has done with their ongoing coverage of Sea Term 2008. Engaging parents, prospective students and other interested parties is so important to schools like Mass Maritime.

I’ll be following the ship’s progress now that I discovered this great resource.

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6 thoughts on “Massachusetts Maritime Academy Cruise – Online Adventures in Training at Sea”

  1. LCDR Bosanquet;

    Thanks for visiting, commenting and reminding me that SeaTerm 2009 is underway.

    Maybe you can get your husband to submit a guest post about how things are going or better yet how about an interview for Messing About In Ships podcast?

    Thanks again.

  2. I’m certain Massachusetts Maritime greatly appreciates your getting the word out about their sea term blog… I’m proud to note that another contributor (not mentioned on your site) is (former USCG Lieutenant) Barnaby Bosanquet… he is a Mass Maritime grad (’02) who returned to earn a second degree (and his 3rd Mate’s). You may note that we share the same last name – he’s my husband. All the best – yours is an excellent website!

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