SEASPACE’s Marine scholarship

Financial Aid PC logo Christopher Penn’s popular Financial Aid Podcast has a wealth of information for students and parents about scholarships and financial aid. In Episode 719 which was originally posted on January 21, 2008, he brought our attention to a marine related scholarship program offered by SEASPACE. From the SEASPACE website:

Founded in 1969 by members of the Houston Underwater Club, SEASPACE has a long and storied history of service to the dive community. While other consumer dive shows operate as commercial endeavors, SEASPACE is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. In addition to staging an exciting, annual scuba diving exposition, SEASPACE‘s mission has been to focus on marine environmental education, with a concerted and ongoing outreach to youth.

As of 2007, SEASPACE‘s Scholarship and Grants program has funded more than $520,000 in scholarships to students of the marine sciences and monetary awards to organizations involved in marine preservation projects. A SEASPACE Permanent Education Fund has been established, so as to enable the continuation of these awards for years to come.

To get an idea of what types of applicants interest them, you can check out the past winners. The deadline for the next round of scholarships is February 1, 2008 so you better hurry.

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EXTRA: In addition to the Financial Aid Podcast, Christopher Penn is also the co-host of the Marketing Over Coffee podcast with John Wall of The M Show. Both are must listen to marketing podcasts. Give them a try.

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