Sunday Sea-Fever Style: The Meat Ship

If the NY Times can have it’s Sunday Style Section, so can the Sea-Fever blog.

Need something special to serve next Sunday at your Super Bowl party, look no further. This week we bring you a culinary masterpiece: the Meat Ship.

Jamie Oliver, eat your heart out! These British lads have a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Recipe | Photo Gallery | Compliments to the Chef

Via Neatorama

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Peter A. Mello

Father, son. Lifelong mariner, student of leadership, photographer. Professional creative placemaker.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Sea-Fever Style: The Meat Ship”

  1. Hello Peter
    Wow you guys have your hands full with those littles as well! Never a dull moment here!!
    I run quite a few programs actually, I have a community sailing program, kids, adults, homeschoolers and parent child classes. Then I run a summer camp that houses up to 50 kids and we sail dyer dhows. Then in my off seasons, I coach high school sailing. Have a school overnight program and a scout/youth groups overnight. I can teach boyscouts and sign for their badges too. I am sure there is other stuff i do but i think that is enough….Oh yeah I am a mom too! Well I love to talk about my programs ask away! Hallie

  2. Hallie;
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I went over to your blog and found it inspiring. We’ve got a 4 yo boy and 3 yo daughter whose adventures are chronicled at Never a dull or unenjoyable moment. Well, at least never a dull one.
    Love to know more about your sailing program when you get chance.
    Thanks again for stopping here. Look forward to your regular contributions.
    Fair Winds, Peter

  3. Wow that is impressive. Hello, My name is Hallie I have been a Lurker for a while but I just had to say something about the “meat boat”. I work for a nonprofit sailing program in CT and enjoy your site! Thanks Hallie

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