Happy 50th Birthday Lego Brick!

Today marks the 50th birthday of the classic LEGO brick. Over the past 50 years they have produced over 400,000,000,000 blocks that would stretch 611 million miles!

Lego timeline

Some exciting nautical moments in Lego history include the launch of their first Pirate Ship in 1989 and more recently the City Dock set which we got for my son Luke for Christmas. It’s the perfect toy for the boat and crane crazy 4 to 40 year old.

lego port city

Why am I writing about LEGO’s? I’ve been working on a fun series called LEGO Leaders: The Building Blocks of Leadership which will launch soon. Stay tuned.

Official Lego website

History of LEGO via Wikipedia

The Brother’s Brick LEGO blog (interesting site)

Flickr.com LEGO pool (1455 members)

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