Who’s the smartest maritime blogger of them all?

Computer monkey For the past few months, the Sea-Fever Code Monkeys have been hard at work on a top secret project in a hermetically sealed computer lab at Sea-Fever HQ. More complex than the Google Search Algorithm, the formula for Coke and the Secret Recipe for KFC combined, they have been using the latest technology to figure out who is the smartest maritime blogger in the world.

Well, Yahoo is not the only Internet property experiencing “headwinds.” The Sea-Fever blog’s lack of ads or any other virtual or real revenue model has forced us to “tack” this project and chart a new course using the most powerful web 2.0 (aka free) tools available to finish this important work.

After an exhaustively Googling the Internets, we discovered an impressive website that answered the question, “Who’s the smartest maritime blogger of them all?” Or at least, “What level of education is required to understand your blog?”

We put dozens of blogs through the sophisticated process of The Blog Readability Test and you might be surprised by the results. We were.

blog read elementary_school
A Shipwright in Training
Big Oceans Tiny Boat
Sailing Anarchy
Thad’s Daily Log

blog read junior_high

1000 Days at Sea, The Mars Ocean Odyssey
Live Sail Die
Messing About In Boats
Proper Course
Roz Savage
Tugboat Life

blog read high_school

The Beagle Project
Cruise Ship Law Blog
Marine Buzz
Marine Firefighting Newsletter
Fred Fry’s Maritime Monday
Messing About In Ships
My Life at Sea
Never Sea Land
The Ship of the Day
The Stranded Mariner
Tim’s Times

blog read undergrad

Cargo Law
Eagle Speak
Great Lakes Maritime Industry Issues
Kiwi at Sea
The Mariner’s (Chief Engineer’s) blog
Robin Storm
Seaway Channel
Yankee Sailor

blog read postgrad

At Sea with Doug Newman
The Bitter End Blog
IMC Broker’s Blog

blog read genius

The Avid Cruiser
The Cure for Anything is Saltwater
Eurodam News
Holland & Knight
It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere
Maritime Accident Casebook
Maritime Compass
Maritime Matters
The Pilot Boat

Notes to Maritime Bloggers:

  • Please feel free to proudly display the appropriate badge on your blog.
  • If you run the program yourself on your blog and come up with a higher level, it’s probably because your last few posts were more intelligent than most of what you’ve written in the past. Who knows, maybe you’re even getting smarter.
  • If your score comes in lower, don’t worry, we’ll probably never do this again so you won’t be outed.
  • I’m glad the MaritimeTerrorism.com guys are really smart.
  • Much like the Nigerian diplomat’s widow with $400 million to “park” in your savings account, the Internets aren’t always what they appear to be. It’s actually much better to be less smart because more people can read your blog. Why limit your audience with intelligence?
  • If you have any questions or complaints, they are probably best addressed directly with The Blog Readability Test honchos.
  • At least you got a free link out of this.

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Peter A. Mello

Father, son. Lifelong mariner, student of leadership, photographer. Professional creative placemaker.

24 thoughts on “Who’s the smartest maritime blogger of them all?”

  1. The world has seen quite a few Community sites. But its only a few really cared about Niche Community like Seafarers community. So, here we are…….take a pick at sailorbits.com a Mariners’ community with some added flavour of Maritime Directory, Games Arcade, Jokes, Recipe, Question-Answers, Gadgets & many more to set SailOrbits a step above of her contemporary websites

  2. Exellent,
    Well i feel this rating is accurate, to be frank i am happy where i am been rated and that also means that i have lot of chance to improve my writing and i need to focus a lot.
    also this rating will help to observe the upper level blogs keenly.

    thanks dear for bringing it on the blog.

    Nandkishore gitte

  3. Doug;
    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately the methodology has to remain top secret but you can rest assured that it has been vetted by the Coney Island ship registry certified according to ISO 9 standards.

    Congratulations on graduating to genius level. I’m sure that you will soon experience the immense benefits that come with attaining this lofty position. ;-)

  4. Interesting… Today my site comes up as ‘genius’!

    I would be more convinced if there was something about the methodology about the ‘test’ though…

    Anyhow, thanks for the link!


  5. oh, btw, just to pique people’s interest in the link on my other comment – Flip is one of the most peculiar manmade floating objects I’ve ever seen.

  6. Postgrad reading level for the IMC blog??? Perhaps we’ll need to use more picturesand less text ;-)

    As always, truly honoured to be mentioned in your list.

  7. Awsome! I can’t believe I rated college level! Even though I was just a lowly administrative hack in my Coast Guard days.

    I’m going to have to come back and dig through this great list of maritime blogs…as soon as I get over this cold and reorganize myself after my sailor’s latest whirlwind visit.

  8. John,

    The Code Monkeys insisted on leaving Sea-Fever out in order to maintain the integrity of the research. I just work here.

    Sorry about the picture, I was looking for one in color but couldn’t find.

    Displaying the badge is clearly optional. Hey at least you’re College level.

    Know how much you like links…

  9. Good Heavens! Now I have to worry about the education LEVEL of blogs that I read? Is nothing sacrad? LoL!

  10. I haven’t checked pout my fellow ‘blogees’ but, of course, the rating is based on the average language capabilities of a 15 year old American, whose use of maritime terminology is likely to be limited but it does raise the important matter of cmmunications and training and one of my pet ‘peeves’ – the almost obscurantist language used in much maritime language.

    A for instance “An atmosphere containing less than 21 per cent by volume of oxygen is not capable of sustaining life”. What it means of course is that if you try and breath air with less than 21 per cent oxygen, you’ll die”.

    Apparently there is a strong school of thought that seafarer should not be told directly of the potential results of not following correct procedures. No wonder they’re dying on a depressingly frequent basis..

  11. “That’s actually my co-host” …really? BTW I don’t see Sea-Fever listed in the post!? And what about your advice to “proudly display the appropriate badge on your blog.” ???

    Bob, Mary: I know your both professional writers and all but you’re ruining the curve for the rest of us ;)

    Kelly; When are your articles showing up on gCaptain? I need a ringer!

    Richard; must have been all that time at starbucks rubbing elbows with the literati elite… on my dime!


  12. Pingback: gcaptain.com
  13. The Blog Readability algorithm displays the high level of acuity and perspicacity appropriate for the task. ; )

    …and thanks for the great list of blogs.

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