Sunday Sea-Fever Style: The Harbour Crane Hotel (via the WebUrbanist) recently brought us 6 Incredible Underwater Hotels. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to sleep the above water. If you’re interested in staying in unique maritime themed hotel and staying dry in the process, look no farther than The Harbour Crane Hotel in Harlingen, The Netherlands.

Harbour Crane Hotel 1

Interesting Facts from the website:

The Harlingen Harbour Crane is a Figee level luffing crane built in 1967. The crane was used until 1996 to unload timber freight from Russia and Scandinavia. The cabin is some 17 metres above the pier; the jib can reach as high as 45 metres. Ownership of the Harbour Crane was transferred in 2001 to the current owner, who required almost two years to complete the refit.

Harbour Crane Hotel 2

More from the website:

Harlingen Harbour Crane is suitable for day-time and night-time occupation by two people. The facilities are located in the former machine room and control room.

Harbour Crane Hotel 3

The Harlingen Harbour Crane is equipped with two lifts, a swing motor, high-grade insulated glass, sophisticated heating, cooling and ventilation systems, comprehensive audio-visual electronics, unconventional sanitary facilities, a two-person bed with panoramic view through the rear wall and ceiling window, monumental armchairs, minibar, breakfast facilities and a large roof patio.

Harbour Crane Hotel 4

A little staircase leads from the main room to the cabin. One chair, one stick. A tentative hand. A careful push to the left or right. Hold your breath. Sixty-five thousand kilos of steel start rotating at your very command. 360 degrees round and round and round. On the Harlingen Harbour Crane, you manipulate the panorama – day or night.

Of course, if you want something more conventional, the owners of the Harbour Crane Hotel can offer you the Lighthouse or Lifeboat (also in WebUrbanist post) hotels instead.

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