Sunday Sea-Fever Style: Living in a shell

This house brings new meaning to the phrase “coming out of your shell.” If I lived here I’m not sure that I’d want to leave too often.


The Nautilus House in Naucalpan, Mexico was designed by Mexico City’s Senosiain Arquitectos for “a young couple with two children who after living in a conventional home wanted to change to one integrated to nature.”


“The metaphor was to feel like an internal inhabitant of a snail, like a mollusk moving from one chamber to another, like a symbiotic dweller of a huge fossil maternal cloister. This home social life flows inside the Nautilus without any division, a harmonic area in three dimensions where you can notice the continuous dynamic of the fourth dimension when moving in spiral over the stairs with a feeling of floating over the vegetation.” 


Visit the architect’s website and don’t miss their equally magical Shark House.

Via Boing Boing and World

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Peter A. Mello

Father, son. Lifelong mariner, student of leadership, photographer. Professional creative placemaker.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Sea-Fever Style: Living in a shell”

  1. Wow what a great “shell house”. I think it would be a great time and experience stying there for a few days. Really great and warm design.

  2. The spirit of the Nautilus House is unfortunately
    one rarely considered nor strongly desired by a specie mired in a square low dimensional living status; a dispirited state which it now more than ever must arise out of in realization that such higher dimensional constructions are never to be considered as novelties but of our only higher path to a successful, enlightened future…to begin now as in evermore…..antobian-ASTRATECTsm

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