Tabor Academy Cleveland Leadership Program

Tabor red logo Leadership functions in large part as a result of initiative. Spencer Ash is a Tabor Academy student who approached me about a leadership project he’s been working on with several fellow students. It’s called the Cleveland Leadership Program and their website says:

The CLEVELAND PROGRAM is a student created leadership program that has the goals of developing sn enviroment around the school that is full of HONOR, RESPECT, COMMITMENT, and ESPRIT DE CORPS (PRIDE).

This Sunday, March 2nd the Tabor Cleveland Leadership Club is sponsoring their Distinguished Leadership Forum with guest speaker Dr. John Worthley.

Dr. Worthley, a distinguished global leader, is a provocative speaker, who is a strategic participant in significant world issues. He plays a key role in on-going Vatican-Beijing diplomatic discussions and has been involved in recent talks with North Korea.

Dr. Worthley has been President of Seton Hall University, a visiting professor of management in China, teaching at universities in Beijing, Hainan, Wuhan, Lhasa and Hong Kong for over twenty-five years. In 1984 he published the first article in western literature on Chinese government administration. Over the years he has served as a China consultant to corporations such as Charles Schwab Company, the National Broadcasting Company and to universities and governments around the world. Dr. Worthley is also a retired United States Naval Reserve Captain, where he served as Executive Ship Officer with the Military Sealift Command.

Dr. Worthley holds degrees in Diplomacy from Holy Cross College, in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia, and in Public Management from the State University of New York.

When: Sunday, March 2 at 4:00P.M.
Where: Lyndon Center
For: All Students, Faculty, Admin, & Guests are invited.

It’s great to see young people like Spencer and his classmates taking an active role in exploring the very important subject of leadership. If you are in the neighborhood, try to attend this event.

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