Bringing the ocean into your classroom (or livingroom)

The underwater explorer and educator Dr. Bob Ballard is hosting a week of live broadcasts from the California Coast that will educate and entertain you. Each day at 11, 12, 1, 2, and 3 PM EST Ballard and his fellow marine scientists and explorers will take you on a live tour of Monterey Bay giving teachers and students the opportunity to ask questions live via their Immersion Presents website. If you want to watch one or more of these broadcasts, you can do so through the video archive.

Last week Dr. Ballard was one of the presenters at the TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) Conference in also Monterey. Here’s a link to the TED blog’s coverage of his session.

I had the good fortune to see Dr. Ballard speak several years ago at BIF-2, a TED like conference in Providence, RI; he is a great presenter that leaves you wanting to learn more. IMHO, that is what teaching is all about. Here is a video of that talk.

The oceans provide us with a wealth of rich educational material and what’s particularly exciting is that they still offer so much to explore and discover. Exposing young students to their mystery and magic can open up a whole new world both literally and figuratively. Thanks to technology, this week you can experience our underwater world without getting wet. Give it a try. You’ll be amazed!

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