The Dreaded Tag: the 123 Book Meme

No matter where you try to hide on the Internet, if you are a blogger, you are bound to get tagged someday. This is my second time so at least I have one person to get back.

I was tagged by Bonnie who has a great blog called frogma. She got me with the 123 Book Meme. Here are the rules:

  1. Pick up the nearest book;
  2. Open it at page 123;
  3. Find the fifth sentence/ phrase;
  4. Blog the next four sentences/ phrases together with these instructions;
  5. Don’t you dare dig your shelves for that very special or intellectual book;
  6. Pass it forward to six friends.

When I received the tag I was conveniently sitting in my reading chair surrounded by stacks of books. On the top of one pile and the first one I grabbed was Lead Like a Pirate! Leadership Secrets of the Pirates of St. Croix. Unfortunately, that book has less than 123 pages.

The next book down in the pile was an old musty copy of An Introduction to Conrad that I had found at the Mattapoisett library book sale last summer. Here is what I found on page 123:

But for me all the East is contained in that vision of my youth. It is all in that moment when I opened my young eyes on it. I came upon it from a tussle with the sea – and I was young – I saw it looking at me. And this is all that is left of it.

These sentences are from Joseph Conrad’s Youth which is an great sea story of a young man’s right of passage. It’s a story that we use to explore leadership during youth sail training programs. You can download a free copy of this and many other Conrad classics from Project Gutenberg. Since you read this blog, I think you’ll enjoy it.  It’s short, so read it. 

Okay, I’m tagging:

  1. Ed Brenegar from Leading Questions
  2. Scott Allen from Center for Leader Development
  3. Captain Richard Rodriquez from Bitter End
  4. Heidi Cool on Pownce
  5. Christiaan Conover from Mass Maritime Academy
  6. Old Sailor from Marine Buzz

Thanks Bonnie!

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