Fighting the Sea and Living to Tell About It

Roald Amundsen sailsEarlier today The Old Blog Cabin posted Sail training ship in Cobh after hurricane which included these photos of the damage sustained by the German sail training vessel Roald Amundsen.

The Irish Independent posted this story as well.  Crew safe after ship survives savage storm.

Former US Navy official Bob Harkins was a crew member aboard was quoted:

“This was the worst storm that I had ever heard of people sailing through and living to talk about it,”

 After storm and fire March 08 022

European weather has been wicked over the past week wreaking all kinds of havoc with maritime interests. (see Robin Storm: In Search of Severe Weather) From the above quote and these pictures, it sounds like the Roald Amundsen and her crew were lucky to have made it to port without injury or worse.

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3 thoughts on “Fighting the Sea and Living to Tell About It”

  1. She was indeed a sorry sight on Thursday morning when I took those pics. She was looking much better this morning and will be sailing for Ostend, departing Cobh on St. Patrick’s Day (Mon 17/3/08), then heading to her home port of Eckernförde in Germany’s western Baltic.

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