Riding the Tube

Following up on yesterday’s Surfwise post, I thought I’d stick with the surfing theme since I recently read about an interesting new surfing location:

Perfect waves all day every day for all levels of ability will be created in the multiple pools…Half metre unbroken barrel waves are perfect for body boarding and learning to surf, while breaking waves up to three metres high are ideal for elite surfers and international competitions. Beach bars and surf shops will surround the surf pools; there will be an events stage, a video download area and ‘cool’ places to hang out and watch the action.

California’s Malibu? No. Hawaii’s Waikiki? No. Australia’s Bondi? No.

London’s Thames? That’s right! The home of the Millennium Dome and the London Eye, London, England will soon to be the new hotbed of inner-city surfing with of one of the world largest indoor wave riding facilities.


Springwise.com recently posted about a mega extreme sports complex called Venture Xtreme which is being planned in London for opening in 2011. Among many other amenities it will have a giant wave pool that will offer 365 days of surfing to the approximately 60,000 surfers currently residing in the city.

Who had any idea that there are that many surfers in London. This brings new meaning to riding the Tube in London.

And I actually had no idea that indoor surfing was possible but here’s a video of another facility but at a much more modest scale.


Try to imagine this dude with a British accent:

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