Sunday VOW’s (Videos of the Week – March 30, 2008)

The Yacht Lot

It’s the time of year when people start getting antsy about launching their boats and getting underway. Many may also be in the market for that special vessel for the summer. As a public service, Sea-Fever is pleased to let our readers know about a few special yachts that are currently on the market.


The Wealth Report blog in the Wall Street Journal reports that Tom Perkins Puts Superyacht on Market. (March 26, 2008 )


Alright their name is downright silly, but Wally makes some of the most extreme and expensive gigayachts in the world. These clearly aren’t for everybody but if you own a refinery and have big bollards, this might be just right boat.

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond takes a look.

In case you need another look.

$20,000,000 Drastically reduced!!!

You can’t help feeling bad when a hiphop impresario falls on tough times and has to liquidate assets. Here’s an interesting take on the story. (WARNING: Strange and Not Safe for Work or Family Friendly)

EBay listing

Happy shopping and smooth sailing!

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