This Junk’s not Chinese

For some strange reason I really love these crazy ocean adventures. I’ve written about a few in the past. (100 Days at Sea – Mars Ocean Odyssey, Abora 3, Roz Savage) On Messing About In Ships podcast we also recently talked about the adventures of Nick from Big Oceans Tiny Boat as he sails solo across the Atlantic in his 26ft boat, Constellation.

Next month a new ocean adventure will get underway in order to raise awareness about plastic marine debris. The Algalita Marine Research Foundation is dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and its watersheds through research, education, and restoration.

“We hope to share our clear message that this mounting issue is no longer “out of sight, out of mind.”

Dr. Marcus Eriksen, the foundation’s research and education director, will embark on voyage from Los Angeles to Hawaii in a 30′ vessel constructed from 30,000 plastic bottles held together by fishing net. The vessel will be called Junk and it will sport a cabin fashioned from the fuselage of a Cessna airplane.

You can follow the expedition on their blog.( and if you are interested in supporting this worthwhile mission, you can sponsor one of the 30,000 plastic bottles for $5. (here).

We wish Junk fair winds and following seas. Godspeed.

Via Neatorama

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6 thoughts on “This Junk’s not Chinese”

  1. thanks for the racist title – you know most of the world’s trash and pollution is created as a result of American and European consumption?

    1. Patrick, in case you didn’t notice, this is a maritime blog and a junk is a type of boat Also, the point of the post was to raise awareness of worthy cause which also highlighted the problem with our manufacture, consumption and discharge of American “junk.” Did you even read the post?

  2. Likewise. The sea kayak world has gone expedition mad, it’s like you can’t be taken seriously as a professional kayak guide & instructor if you haven’t done at least one ludicrously grueling & potentially life-threatening expedition.

    Me, I try to keep my boating well within the parameters of “fun”.

    I do enjoy reading the stories of those who do have the whatever-it-is (cojones, congenital insanity, or combination thereof) to do these wilder things.

  3. Did you see the wave-powered boat?

    Not surfing, actually generating drive.

    I’ve heard that there’s another transatlantic rower gearing up for a 2009 attempt in the Norwalk area – he had a couple of painful losses to cancer & the money he raises will go to cancer. I’ve been showed the dock where his big yellow transatlantic rowboat is kept, but it hasn’t been there the last 2 times I was there. Probably out rowing. I keep hoping to see it & get a picture though!

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