Monday Morning Motivator – Charles Handy and Life’s Most Valuable Lessons

Charles Handy is a former global executive, founder of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program at the London Business School, BBC commentator and best selling business author. Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer’s Thinker’s 50, a bi-annual global ranking of business thinkers, rank Handy at #14 in 2007.

My wife Jenny and I have the amazing good fortune to know Charles and Elizabeth Handy for about the past 10 years. I recently found this picture that I took of them when Liz, a professional photographer, took our wedding picture in front of the gate to Jenny’s family farm in Norfolk, England. On this day, Charles was simply Liz’s valuable photographer’s assistant. Actually, I think he also may have made us lunch; he’s a very good cook, too!

Nikon D200 001

Charles Handy has a new book called Myself and Other More Important Matters which is a great read for anyone who is reviewing where they’ve been and where they would like to go in life. Handy is a masterful storyteller who has the ability to draw connections between his extraordinary life and those of us more average Joes.

Here’s a short video from a presentation he made at The Drucker School at Claremont Graduate University in California.


I totally agree with Handy. Life’s most important and valuable lessons are not taught or learned in the classroom. The things that make us grow and become part of us are most often built upon our successes, failures and collective life experiences. 

If you haven’t read Charles Handy, you should.

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