Maritime Terrorists? No, Maritime Tourists.


You might remember the scare last summer about two possible international terrorists scoping out opportunities for mayhem and destruction aboard the Washington State Ferries. The captain of the ferry snapped a picture of the duo and provided it to the FBI who then released it to the international media. This created a bit of a hubub about racial profiling.

Well, take down the APB, it turns out that these guys were tourists, not terrorists.

“Where these gentlemen live, they don’t have vehicle ferries. They were fascinated that a ferry could hold that many cars and wanted to show folks back home,” FBI Special Agent Robbie Burroughs said Monday. (Seattle Times)

Who could blame them? Car ferries are pretty cool.


What worries me is that a bad photo like that would make me look as much like a terrorist as these 2 innocent software consultants who were just enjoying an afternoon on a boat in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

via Boing Boing

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5 thoughts on “Maritime Terrorists? No, Maritime Tourists.”

  1. meanwhile, back in NYC –

    Am I completely out to lunch to think that by the time a suicide bomber is cruising NY Harbor in a boat carrying enough explosives to do significant structural damage at a distance of 150 yards, we have had a national security failure of a magnitude that a 400-yard security zone around the Statue of Liberty is probably not going to defuse?

    don’t know why I’m feeling so cranky about this when I’m hardly seen in the upper harbor these days. Just seems like it’s gonna lessen a lot of people’s New York experiences without a whole lot of payoff securitywise.

  2. about the foto of the 2 “terrorists,” recently a friend photographed me while we were in a public place looking at ships, of course. i was irked to be his subject matter, but did my best to ignore him and enjoy the ships. later, he emailed me an image. i’m saying this because what amazed me was how hostile i looked. a stranger could find me downright scary. the 2 “terrorists” could be perceived as a threat whereas they were maybe just unhappy about being photographed; when their foto was published, this unhappiness could be used to “indict” them in the “court of the mass mind” as–in fact–terrorist. i guess this is a theme in the movie “standard operating procedure,” which i haven’t seen yet although i’ve heard a fabulous interview with errol morris, director.

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