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I spent Sunday afternoon and had dinner with my good friend Caleb Pifer. ASTA board member Alix Thorne introduced us in 2002 while sailing aboard the tall ship Elissa in Galveston. As American Sail Training Association executive director I hired Cal as a high school student to be a summer intern the following year and several thereafter. After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin last year, Cal joined the Concordia, a tall ship owned and operated by Class Afloat, a Canadian educational nonprofit and most recently he joined sister organization, American Foundation for Education Under Sail Inc. as director of development of their Educational Partner-Ships program.

From Educational Partner-Ships website:

    Educational Partner-Ships is the world’s only provider of tall ship–based educational voyages that utilizes your personalized program.

    Unique in the field of education is the “prescriptive programming” of Educational Partner-Ships. With Educational Partner-Ships, each partnering school shares in design and delivery. It is a school’s guarantee that institutional or departmental goals remain at the forefront of program development. Let Educational Partner-Ships do the leg work that ensures that your program is truly your program.

    Drawing on over thirty years of travel-study experience at sea, Educational Partner-Ships creates and delivers unparalleled learning opportunities aboard a variety of traditionally rigged sailing vessels.

    These learning opportunities may include:

    • Twenty Day January or Summer Terms

    • Three Week Intercessional Class Offerings (Spring and Fall)

    • Semester Long Programs

This exciting program is designed for colleges and universities that are interested in giving their students a unique experiential based academic program. I look forward to following Educational Partner-Ships promising future.

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2 thoughts on “Educational Partner-Ships”

  1. Blog readers might also be interested in the presentation that I will be making in conjunction with SUNY-Southhampton next week in Sag Harbor, New York. I will be discussing the Class Afloat program as well as Educational Partner-Ships, and how SUNY works with both programs.

    24 JUNE 2008, 7:00pm

  2. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the blog entry! It is so nice to be included in your ever growing maritime and leaderhsip community here at Sea Fever. If readers of this posting are interested in our organization, I would encourage them to contact me directly.
    Cal Pifer

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