The Coast Guard is going to the DOGs


In 2007, the United States Coast Guard established the Deployable Operations Group (DOG)  From a press release:

A new Coast Guard command that would bring together the service’s various specialized incident response and security teams into adaptive force packages is expected to be up and running with an initial capability by next summer, according to Commandant Adm. Thad Allen.

The new command would create a single force structure for “surge operations,” Allen said in an interview with Defense Daily last Friday.

The Deployable Operations Group would mix and match elements of the service’s Maritime Safety and Security Teams (MSST), hazardous material and oil spill response units, law enforcement detachments, port security units, Airborne Use of Force capabilities, and some of patrol boat capabilities, to be trained to respond to specific mission requirements, Allen said.

The DOG Seal / Patch:


Here’s another video about the DOG which is a bit longer than the one above.


Bio of the DOG’s Commanding Officer

Standard Government Issue PowerPoint on the DOG

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