Morning Light Trailer

Anyone who reads the Sea-Fever blog will not be surprised that I’m very interested in seeing this movie in the fall.

I’m particularly interested because I know one of the young people involved. Jesse Fielding was one of only a handful selected from a pool of thousands to take part in this project. His father/guardian is Steve Baker, one of my former colleagues over at the American Sail Training Association. Steve also has a sailing blog called SailScape.

Here are links to the Morning Light Project website and the movie’s website.

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Peter A. Mello

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4 thoughts on “Morning Light Trailer”

  1. Thank you for reviewing this exciting project.- As father of one if the sailors I was lucky enough to get berth on a competitor yacht. It turned a great & exciting race. Of the 3 fleets to start the middle fleet (us) was lucky to get a wind channel between the edge of a Pacific hurricane and the usual summer High that often drives the race. Bad luck for Morning Light & the 3rd, Fastest boats as they had the calms that followed the system’s passage. By mid-rade, however they kids found themselves racing boat for boat with their sister ship, crewed by professional sailors & one of the hottest West Coast racers. The audience will enjoy the rapid changes of fortunes that transpire, and warm to how each college dinghy ace on the crew rises to the challenge of driving a thorobred offshore racing machine.

    Brian Tulloch

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