NY Times Investigative reporting at it’s Finest – “After Kite Boarder’s Accident, Some Say Winds Were Too Much”

Okay maybe it’s just me but that this NY Times headline seems rather obvious: After Kite Boarder’s Accident, Some Say Winds Were Too Much. Watch this and you be the judge:


Here’s an interesting side story in the NY Times article which seems to reinforce the notion that kiteboarders are persistent.

A permutation of the sport was featured in the first X Games in 1995 in Providence, R.I. Some of the competitors crashed into rocks, and one was blown off course to Newport, R.I. When he finally made land, he hailed a cab, loaded his kite in the trunk and rode back to the venue. The sport was dropped from the games for the following year.

Hope the kiteboarder, Kevin Kearney recovers swiftly.

Kitesurfing on Wikipedia

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