A Significant Loss for Sail Training, the sinking of the Irish Asgard II

Asgard II and the Eye of the Wind by Willie Waw on Flickr.com

The Old Blog Cabin reports that the Irish sail training vessel the Asgard II was lost in the Bay of Biscay today. Thankfully, all crew and trainees were picked up by a French Naval vessel and are reported safe. Here are links to the RTE News and Associated Press stories.

The Asgard II was featured in Standing Tall, Sail Training International’s video used to introduce young people to the adventure of sail training.


In 2000, she crossed the Atlantic as part of the Tall Ships 2000 fleet and was very popular wherever she visited in North America. She will be missed by the youth of Ireland and people from around the globe.

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5 thoughts on “A Significant Loss for Sail Training, the sinking of the Irish Asgard II”

  1. I’m shocked and very sad about the loss of Asgard II. She was my whole world for a number of years back in the 80’s. I really hope they re-float her, if possible. Thank God, the crew and trainees are safe.

  2. The loss of the Asgard II is a sad loss for the world of sail training and tall ships – a big loss for Ireland too – she was a great ambassador for this country. Thankfully all hands are safe back home now.

    The Old Blog Cabin
    Cobh, County Cork

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