Waiting and Watching for the Storm

All reports seem to indicate that Hurricane Ike will be the most destructive and deadliest storm to hit the US since Katrina. The Weather Channel estimates that nearly 40% of the residents of Galveston have decided to ride it out. Hopefully the storm will diminish (unlikely) and/or they will be very lucky.

Last week Tropical Storm Hanna was touted as a threat to our area of Southeastern Massachusetts. Thankfully she blew on through quickly with little fanfare and virtually no damage. Here are a few pictures I took as our small town of Mattapoisett took precautions for the storm.

I always find it eerie before a major storm and as the winds build and rain arrives so does the tension.  When a storm passes and does not live up to it’s hype, there is a danger that people don’t take the next one as seriously. Unfortunately, this is foolish human nature.

Before and during a storm I always think about what it would be like at sea. This afternoon the 584 foot bulk carrier Antalina which is owned by Perovo Shipping, Cyprus and managed by TEO Shipping Corp, Athens, Greece, lost her power when trying to evade Ike and she sits helplessly in the storm with no hope of the crew being rescued. We hope the morning light brings a positive outcome. Here is raw video for USCG Imagery of the vessel in the storm. Listening to the audio and seeing the seas will strike fear in even the most hardy mariner.

YouTube – Coast Guard video Ike threatens 584-foot bulk freighter

Our thoughts are with coastal Texans coast and those who may be caught at sea in the path of Ike.

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