Sunday VOWs – The Shipping Forecast

Sunday VOWs (Videos of the Week) September 21, 2008

From Wikipedia:

The Shipping Forecast is a four-times-daily BBC radio broadcast of weather reports and forecasts for the seas around the coasts of the British Isles.

It is produced by the UK Meteorological Office (part of MOD) and broadcast by BBC Radio 4 on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (part of Department for Transport).

Because of its unique and distinctive sound, the broadcasts have an appeal beyond those solely interested in nautical weather. The waters around the British Isles are divided into sea areas, also known as weather areas and many listeners find the well-known repetition of the names of the sea areas almost hypnotic, particularly during the bedtime (for Britain) broadcast at 0048 GMT. It is regarded with affection by many listeners, and in Great Britain often arises in General knowledge quizzes and is the butt of many affectionate jokes.

BBC Weather – The Shipping Forecast

From YouTube:

YouTube – The Shipping Forecast

YouTube – The Shipping Forecast Part 1

YouTube – shipping forecast music – sailing by : + other light music

YouTube – Shipping Forecast – Susie Webb

YouTube – Shipping Forecast

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3 thoughts on “Sunday VOWs – The Shipping Forecast”

  1. I live in Stavanger Norway..or should I say South Utsira ?

    I am trawiling the internet trying to find a podcast of the shipping forecast ….

    I want to go home ……

  2. Hi Peter, when working around the UK coast these BBC broadcasts are tuned into with almost religious fervour. The sea areas do have great names too!

    I think this must be one of my most common questions to the mates when I walk on to the bridge…
    “What is the weather forecast?”…


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