ADMIRAL THad Allen – "Social Media, The Way Ahead"

Last month I posted about my new Facebook friend, ADMIRAL Thad Allen.  Today, here he is on YouTube introducing the United States Coast Guard’s Social Media Initiative. (press release)

YouTube – CG Adm. Thad Allen introduces social media initiative

It doesn’t sound like it’s the same old way of doing business in the Coast Guard anymore. ADMIRAL Allen seems to be turning the old adage that “information is power” on it’s head.

Again, I find this remarkable for a government agency/military leader to take this kind of risk. He get’s it.

Kudo’s to ADMIRAL Allen and his CG leadership team!


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5 thoughts on “ADMIRAL THad Allen – "Social Media, The Way Ahead"”

  1. We’re excited to bring our readers the new social media tool. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Official iCommandant site which is operated by the United States Coast Guard. brings readers and users of social media the opportunity to discuss freely, without moderation the issues and topics found on the Official iCommandant website on the U.S. Coast Guard Domain. does have a comment policy that closely resembles that of the Official iCommandant website, with one exception “No Moderation.”

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  2. Thanks so much for posting it. I’m developing an online course about Web 2.0, and this will help make the case for social networking. I’ll also point students to SeaFever for an example of a good blog!

  3. ADMIRAL Allen seems to be turning the old adage that “information is power” on it’s head.

    1597… Sir Francis Bacon wrote “Knowledge is power”, now that’s an OLD adage.

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