USS Intrepid: On the Move

The USS Intrepid is due home (Pier 86 in NYC) this Thursday, October 2nd. Hopefully her trip will be less eventful than her 2005 departure when she ended up making an unscheduled interim port of call about 10 feet off the isle of Manhattan.

It was all closely chronicled below in the videos below from the History Channel’s popular MegaMovers. It’s an inside look at some professional maritime problem solving with some really great footage. Enjoy!

Make sure that you watch MegaMovers on October 17th (11 am or 5 pm) for their Ships on Land episode. 

Welcome home Intrepid!

YouTube – USS Intrepid: On The Move part 1

YouTube – USS Intrepid on the Move part 2

YouTube – USS Intrepid on the Move part 3

YouTube – USS Intrepid on the Move part 4

YouTube – USS Intrepid On the Move part 5

NYC museum ship Intrepid coming home ship shape (Associated Press Sept. 28, 2008)

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