Foto Friday – Happy Halloween!

Update November 1, 2008 – This post has received quite a bit of referred traffic today. Pure and simple it was a funny photo calling out for captioning and Halloween created the opportunity.

On Weekly Leader I recently wrote a post titled Why Humor Is Important In Leadership which presents some entertaining video of the Presidential candidates poking fun at themselves and each other. What was so impressive to me was that in the middle of such negative campaigning on both sides, this event and it’s roast format, humanized both candidates. Please check it out. It’s so important to maintain humor and perspective in life yet it seems to be something that’s becoming rarer and rarer today. Thanks.

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Great to see both candidates “suspend” their campaigns today to go trick or treating together. Here’s a photo in their costumes: Obama as President and McCain as Creepy Old Guy. Happy Halloween!

McCain Monster Halloween

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4 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Happy Halloween!”

  1. Odd comment! there is much behaviour going on in america that looks hateful to me but this photo i looks more sort of hilarious than hateful don’t you think…i mean really?

  2. I think this Halloween Foto Friday was very distasteful . It just goes to show that the United States is getting too Liberal and very bad at being bad people with showing very rude and hatefulness in their hearts !

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