"Weird Fishes" by Radiohead and Tobias Stretch

Earlier this year the rock band Radiohead challenged their fans to create videos for the songs on “In Rainbows ” album. Instead of choosing one winner as originally planned, they chose four. Here’s my favorite which is Tobias Stretch for their song “Weird Fishes.” Hope you enjoy it.

Radiohead Picks Four Winners For Animation Contest, Pays the Extra $30,000 in Prize Money (Rolling Stone – August 11, 2008)

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Dream Boats (Tilt Shift Videography)

I’ve previously posted about tilt shift photography. (Foto Friday – Miniature maritime?) I love the dream like qualities.

If you enjoy the above, check out Keith Loutit’s other videos on Vimeo.

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New Media and My Old School Ship

I’ve written about maritime nonprofits using social media tools recently including Tall Ship Sailing and Social Media: US Brig Niagara Video. Here’s another great example.

Spencer Ash, a junior at Tabor Academy who participates in the schools storied sail training program, created a recruitment video for the SSV Tabor Boy and put it up on YouTube over the weekend. It might not be as slick a production as SEA’s Pursue It! but it certainly speaks to you from the heart and is just as effective. I’m looking to see if I can sign up again!


Also, check out all of the great photos from Tabor Boy’s Maine cruise last summer that Spencer uploaded to The Tabor Boy Project.

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New Masthead for The Tabor Boy Project


We’ve just tacked over at The Tabor Boy Project with a new masthead (above) and color scheme. While you’re there, check out all of the great new content too!

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Foto Friday – Scenes From Antarctica (The Big Picture Blog)

Photo by Mike Usher / National Science Foundation

The former Russian icebreaker and now cruiseliner Kapitan Khlebnikov breaks through the annual sea ice near the Oates Coast of Antarctica on January 29, 2005. (Photo credit: Mike Usher/National Science Foundation)

If you are not familiar with the Boston Globe’s The Big Picture photoblog, you are missing out on one of the most amazing ongoing large scale photography exhibitions on the Internet. Click on the above photo to see the original and explore; you won’t be disappointed.

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Moby-Dick Mash-Up (Melville/Huston/Zeppelin)

Triple classic! Great mashup of Melville story, Huston film and Zeppelin music.

YouTube – Herman Melville’s Moby Dick

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